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Project Description

Senator Store Site

The Senator-Boutique Store site is a dedicated Senator clothing store located in Langrood County. This website is designed with multiple store features that enable the store owner to sell goods online, receive payment through bank portals and send the product through various means.

This site has been developed by WordPress templates but as per customer’s request, numerous additions have been added to it, which will list each of the possible settings and features on the site.

To read more about the capabilities and screenshots of the Senator Store, read more.

You can also check out the following link: http://senator-boutique.ir

Senator-Boutique Online Store Features

Site Owner Features:

  • Ability to buy clothes in stock online
  • Payment options in various ways, depending on the customer’s request, currently using Pay.ir service
  • Ability to add different categories for items
  • Ability to add different store products and relate them to the desired category
  • Ability to determine how to deliver the purchased product to the customer, with a specific method for each city such as T-Box, Superior Courier, Vanguard Post, etc.
  • Ability to set prices for each of the methods of delivery by the store owner
  • Customer registration and customer owner management and review
  • Ability to report on sold goods

Users and customers of the store:

  • Ability to create customer favorites
  • Ability to track orders for customers
  • Ability to manage the list of downloaded user files from the site
  • Ability to consider the next order list for customers
  • Ability to manage user-submitted comments
  • Ability to specify multiple addresses by client and save to account
  • Ability to specify pre-stored addresses for each order by customers

Pictures of Senator Store capabilities

Slides containing top categories or top shop products are placed at the beginning of the login to attract customers. It should be noted that this slider is completely manual and the store owner can make changes to the photos inside the slider and their links as well as their texts.

A list of top-notch storefronts, with the option to add favorites, view different colors and designs and price on the front page, as well as select any of the categories will have the same module that makes purchasing It will be very easy for the user.

By selecting any store item, the user will be referred to the product page. On this page the user will be able to see the name and model of the desired product, price, designs, colors as well as the different instruments of the product. The user is also able to add the product to the wishlist or remove it from the list as well as the product purchase button on this page. Product features are displayed in detail on this page and also on this page, the user is able to record their opinion about the product as well as read other users’ opinions about it.

Users will be able to update their contact information, such as emails and mobile phone numbers, to stay in touch with the store owner.

Users can track their orders. This way they are able to check the order shipment date, payment amount as well as order status.

Users can manage their future shopping lists. Users are able to add them to their future shopping lists to prevent them from forgetting the desired product and also to manage the desired list.

Users can comment on different products and these comments will be displayed to all users of the site. With this feature users are able to manage their own opinions about the different products available on the site.

Users can add multiple addresses to receive orders and can also manage their own addresses. These addresses make it easier for the customer to register when ordering, and the user can choose from a pre-generated list when registering a purchase address.

Other Senator Store Information

Technology used:

  • WordPress is used in this project and customized by Prana team to customize the templates to the different client services.


  • Senator’s clothing store in LangarudCounty
  • Duration of the Project:
  • 1 month