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Project Description

Professor Insta

Prof. Iniesta is a Windows-specific software that automatically favors the number of Instant users with the features you want, and also comments from the list of comments you want below posts that are in your preferred location. Great for advertising your business.

Increase Visits

Increase likes and comments

Increase actual visits

Prof. Inesta with a phallus and comment capability for real instagram accounts and also based on your limitations such as the number of phalluses and phalluses, will draw other people’s attention to your page and make real people your phallus.

Increase likes and comments

Increasing your page’s actual feeds will increase the number of people viewing your posts and will consequently increase the likes and comments of your posts.

Wait for our next versions!

In the next versions you will have much more features dear users. So follow us and wait for the next version of Professor Inesta