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Project Description

Marstravel Tourism Services Site

Marstravel WordPress is a tourism service agency located in Georgia; the Marstravel site is available in both English and Farsi to meet the needs of Iranian and foreign customers. The Marstravel site offers accelerated network payments for Iranian customers as well as PayPal payments for overseas customers.

The Marstravel project started on 2/5/6 and ended on 2/4/11 and is now publicly available at http://marstravelgeorgia.com. If you are interested in this product, contact Prana for cooperation as well as cost information.

To read more about Marstravel’s features, read on.

Features of Marstravel Site

  • Has 5 different layouts for the first page
  • Book travel tours online
  • Online hotel reservation
  • Book your flight tickets
  • Has several elements and short codes for design
  • Featured page 2
  • With a dedicated login and registration page
  • Mellat Bank and Golden Pal online payment gateway
  • With a dedicated graphic page maker
  • Full compatibility with Woocommrce plugin
  • Very reactionary
  • Quite honest and Persian
  • Complete compatibility with solar history
  • Has multiple filters for booking, car, plane and hotel
  • Discount for tour, hotel, car and plane tickets
  • Search for tours, hotels, cars and plane tickets
  • Beautiful MegaMenu build capability
  • View tour reservations, car rental, plane tickets and hotel in the admin panel
  • Includes a writing sheet and a Q&A
  • Contact form and newsletter subscription
  • Social Network Link
  • Ability to display Google map

Screenshots of the site