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Project Description

Shahid Beheshti University Jihad

Shahid Beheshti University Jahad site is a site for acquaintance and registration of various training courses such as fashion and clothing design, computer and IT, gemology and professional sales, architecture and interior decoration, foreign languages ​​and jewelry design and design.

This site has been developed by WordPress templates but as per customer’s request, numerous additions have been added to it, which will list each of the possible settings and features on the site.

To read more about the capabilities and screenshots of Shahid Beheshti University Jihad, read more.

You can also check out the following link: http://edjdsb.ir

Features of Shahid Beheshti University Jihad’s Site

  • Has several elements and short codes for design
  • With a dedicated graphic page maker
  • Full compatibility with Woocommrce plugin
  • Responsive
  • Quite honest and Persian
  • Contains an image gallery for each course
  • Complete compatibility with solar history
  • Beautiful MegaMenu build capability
  • Contact form
  • Contains course registration form

Images from the site

More info Shahid Beheshti University Jihad

Technology used:

  • WordPress is used in this project and customized by Prana team to customize the templates to the different client services.

Project Duration:

  • 2 weeks