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Initially, a meeting will be held between you and Prana and the Prana team will be aware of your project requirements. This appointment will be the first step in starting a project.


If your idea is not complete and you want to grow your idea, Prana will organize brainstorming sessions with your own brainstorming sessions. Once the idea has been solidified, the team’s graphic designers will begin designing the layout and layout of your site or app, and we will provide you with the completion. If changes are required by you, changes are made and after final design of the design is finalized, the team is required to design the site or app in accordance with the approved design.


After approving the initial design, the Prana coding team begins writing the server and shell code for the site or app. There are many technologies and capabilities to reach your site or app that Prana will use the most optimally in terms of time, cost and more.


Any project apart from the IT discussion needs to be carefully tested. Testing in IT was so important that we couldn’t differentiate between the production stage and the testing stage. In fact, the coding of the site or app is 50% of the way and 50% passes the testing phase. During the testing phase, many of the hidden issues of the project are also investigated and resolved.


And then the final step that the Prana management team will deliver to you with a meeting to deliver the product.