Our mission is to implement your creativity

Prana is made up of experienced and creative members working in the IT field.

The members of the group each worked in different companies and met each other by chance.

Prana’s name was chosen for this group because of the first meeting in a cafe called Prana.

We grow in challenging projects that generate greater rewards.

Prana Professional Tools

The tool introduced is Prana’s specialized tool and is for your awareness only.

If you need to use other tools, Prana can do your project with the technology you need.

Adobe XD

Map and outline

Different tools are used to design the map and layout, including automated and paper. But Adobe’s highly specialized field of photography has provided Adobe XD software for this purpose.


Database connection server and app or site

The need for a dedicated server is high for the user to be permanently connected to the site or app with the database, which is a powerful Spring framework that simply provides this capability.


App appearance or layout

Every app or site needs a strong, beautiful layout to attract the user’s attention. React’s framework makes it easy to design the look you want.

Prana members come together to help implement your ideas

Your success and your satisfaction with the way the idea is implemented will also bring us success